Game over, Man

Game over, Man

Game over, Man is not meant to be taken seriously, but still falls short of basically any comedic standard and has a real issue with the brutality of its action.

The comedy has a few clever quips but most of the jokes are too poorly designed to make any comedic impact. The low brow humor is fast and furious, without breaks for any other varying types of comedy. While the comedy hits occasionally, the action never does. It is unnecessarily brutal. Playing excess and brutal violence for laughs is a common trope in action comedies, but this film’s action is too jarring to be funny. I found myself not laughing, but cringing at multiple scenes.

The three main actors( Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm) have good chemistry from their previous work together, but it can’t save the writing. The cast lack subtlety, their characters are heavily flanderized versions of action tropes and lack comedic impact. Plot devices not only fail but seem to be purposely sabotaged for bad jokes.

Game over, Man just isn’t funny enough to be worth a watch. You can easily find more clever and enjoyable movies in the genre.

1/4 Stars


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