Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War is the Pinnacle culmination of the Marvel Expanded universe series of movies, typically I find these films to be somewhat done out as the plots are usually low risk, spectacle filled action sequences intermingled with character development here and there. Infinity War breaks the mold a bit due to its entirely unique set pieces, refreshing plot decisions and seamless interaction among over 40 characters.




This movie is not in any way a stand-alone film. I am well acquainted with the marvel franchise and therefore wasn’t plagued by being contextually lost, and I can’t really recommend the movie to anyone who would be. The pace of this film is fast and tight, there are too many large events going on with multiple groups of characters that there isn’t time for re-introductions or any real character development with the exception of our main villain. And a welcome development it is. Too many super hero archetype films have a villain whose sole motivation for being bad is to facilitate a conflict with the hero and forward the plot. Thanos on the other hand has a chilling conviction towards the elimination of life in order to control a universal overpopulation problem, one that was afflicted and impacted him as a youth on his home planet. That same home planet serves as one of the many unique set pieces our array of characters divide up to explore and engage in. The fact that they developed a competent plot that gives so many unique players a legitimate role without things feeling cluttered or pointless is really an achievement in and of itself. The writing is snappy and enjoyable as is typical of the films in this franchise and seeing characters interact with each other has always been some of Marvel Studio’s best dialogue. The movie climax’s with a stereotypical culmination of heroes and their attempt to stop the primary antagonist, but ends with an extremely bleak outlook as Thanos succeeds in obtaining the six infinity stones (plot Macguffin) and completes his goal of wiping out half of the universe’s intelligent life. Extras, and heroes fade into ash before the audience and while I’m sure children around the country had teary eyes on their way home from the theatre the refreshing risk marvel took with this is undercut a little by the fact that these actors are all contractually obligated to more films, meaning the end truly isn’t the end for some, if not most of them. This is a minor contrived grievance in an otherwise seamless movie. Enjoyable from start to finish and does not feel its length.


3 ½ stars


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