Beerfest is a feel-good sports satire from the Broken Lizard comedy group that melds low brow humor with clever allegories of famous sports films, creating a surprisingly witty redemption story. The movie starts with two 1st generation German Americans who travel to Germany to spread their father’s ashes. On this journey, they uncover a long-held family secret and the international beer drinking competition Beerfest.

What ensues is the meat of the comedic bbq where the brothers are building the great American beer drinking team, which consist of five old college buddies, to compete in next years Beerfest competition versus the Germans, who consist of the brother’s half-cousins and half-uncle. The personal stories of the five American team members are all subtle takes on modern sports movie plots. This leads to both hilarious and heartwarming moments, mostly stemming from the team members own redemption stories.

The film editor and director deserve credit for the torrid pace to the editing, which leaves few if any scenes or jokes that inhibiting the progression of the plot. The pacing does create a small issue at the end, as the film ends on a climax. A common trope in sports films but not a terribly welcome one.

Set and character design are incredibly outlandish, which is common from the writing group broken lizard. It fits this film very well as the actors fully embrace how outrageous they look and play the part, especially the Germans. The one glaring video flaw is the CGI is horrible even for 2006. The seldom times CGI is used it’s very distracting. Which makes me wonder why it was even used, but a small complaint about an otherwise sound movie technically.

You’ll finish this movie and walk away glad you watched it, even if it is pretty shlock comedy. Beerfest is a good comedy for the consistent satire melding with a bevy of political and low brow humor, that turns Beerfest into a unique sports film.       

2.5/4 Stars


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