The Brothers Grimm


The Brothers Grimm


The Brothers Grimm is a self-aware adventure Schlock film set in French occupied Germany when fantastic tales and faux history collide. Distracting accents, excellent costume design, and boredom were the main points I remember from watching this film. If I had it my way I would have forgotten more.


I had seen the Brothers Grimm when it first arrived in theatres in 2005. Long before I developed a sense for what I did or didn’t like in a movie. At that point I wasn’t even deciding what I had for breakfast so it’s understandable that a film like this didn’t retain the stark disdain that it deserves. I decided to re-watch it expecting mediocrity but after 15 minutes in I was dreading the remaining hour and 45 minutes. That’s right this movie is criminally long at 116 minutes total and most of it is plainly put, forgettable. The thing about the Brothers Grimm is that it deserves to be forgettable. With the exception of a few interesting set pieces (the torture chamber scene for example) the movie just doesn’t hold my attention. When it is holding my attention it’s because I’m distracted by the poor performance and accent by Matt Damon, the flat and predictable comedy, and everyone’s exceptional dental care. The costume design is pretty spot on and most of the special effects hold up reasonably well 13 years later but that wasn’t enough for this movie in 2005 and it certainly isn’t enough now. More than anything else this movie is boring, the score is forgettable, the characters are flat and uninteresting and apart from a brief scene between Matt and Heath I had zero investment in any of their well being. Skip this one or waste your time.



1 star

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